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Prescription Pad

When the Pressure Rises: Dealing with High Blood Pressure

I once wrote an article on high blood pressure for a major international publication. The article was easy to write since I had first hand knowledge of the disease. High blood pressure means that your heart is working harder th...
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Zeta NEF Ladies

Good Works! — Zeta NEF

Each month we recognize an organization that is making a difference in the lives of people, young and old, all across the country. This month, we want to introduce you to the Zeta Phi Beta, Inc. National Educational Foundation...
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Sheryl’s Text Shortcuts!

We think we need some NEW texting shortcuts. Here’s one we needed, so we created it. Now we need you to start using. NRN = No response needed   We came up with this to stop the series of texts and/or emails that keepi...
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Collecting Yourself

Contributor Phanalphie Rhue Still Twitter @rhuestill Some of the old schoolers remember the elders admonishing us to “collect yourself.” They meant “settle down and get yourself together.” We were to be quiet and calm o...
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Style Spotlight: Dressing for Success – Steve Harvey Collection at K&G

Sheryl’s friend and colleague, Steve Harvey, recently introduced his new clothing line to K&G Fashion Superstores. To truly be successful you need to look and feel the part. Steve’s got all the angles covered offering w...
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