The Goals of PRP, Inc.


The goal of Pack Rat Productions is to assist talent in developing a brand and managing a career that:

•   Supports personal and professional longevity;
•   Appeals to a multi-dimensional audience;
•   Encourages professional and intellectual control;
•   Offers multiple revenue streams;
•   Encourages brand product development and
•   Encourages service as a component of success

Pack Rat Productions focuses its efforts on brand and image development geared toward mass-market appeal, offering market positioning for enhanced exposure that provides for greater opportunities and multimedia access. PRP is committed to advancing the brand of our clients through collateral activities and products that are associated with the individual talent. PRP engages in active discussions with clients to ensure that the plan of action structured by PRP is in keeping with the overall vision of the individual. PRP incorporates market research and testing, along with psychographic information and brand analysis to generate data that is used to facilitate the development of an action plan tailored to each talent. PRP is focused on mainstream market development for increased professional opportunities and revenue generation, adeptly guiding talent from career initiation to active career engagement and legacy development.